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The Theme Studio product is a FileMaker file which provides a collection of tools for use in manipulating images and FileMaker layout objects. The file can be used locally on a single computer or shared via FileMaker Server for team development.

Theme Studio for FileMaker

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Theme Studio Version 3
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Product Description

This product is the actual license which will unlock all limits on the developer tools built into the Theme Studio. Read the following for more information.

What the Theme Studio tools provide

The Theme Studio can be used for a wide range of tasks within FileMaker. The biggest advantage of using the Theme Studio tools is that you rarely have to leave FileMaker when working on your design. Staying within FileMaker decreases the amount of time it takes to design a great-looking FileMaker solution.

Manipulate Icons & Images

One of the main tools within the Theme Studio is the Icon Studio. This allows for icon (or image) manipulations. When working with either PNG or SVG icon files, you can quickly perform many of the most common image manipulation operations. These include the following

  • Merge multiple icons together
  • Change translucency
  • Change brightness
  • Convert to grayscale
  • Change colors on SVG based icons
  • Rasterize SVG icons into PNG of any size
  • Optimize raster graphics to smaller sizes
Access & store whole FileMaker Layouts

One of the most useful features of the Theme Studio is the fact that it's a database. This makes it very easy to centrally store whole layouts. These layouts can be taken apart and used in part or in whole. With newer versions of FileMaker, whole files can be exported from the Theme Studio. These files can contain importable themes which you can apply to your own layouts.

New Layouts can be purchased or shared via the Theme Studio's sharing method called ThemePacks.

Objects & Colors

Storing commonly used layout objects, such as portals, buttons and any other FileMaker layout element is managed within the Objects section of the Theme Studio. Using FileMaker's supported drag-n-drop makes it a breeze to reuse common layout elements.

Color themes can easily be created and managed within the Colors section. This makes it convenient to centralize the color themes used for your various projects.

Tweaking Layout Objects

FileMaker Pro uses a variation of CSS under the hood with its layout objects. Because these elements are exposed on the clipboard, it's very easy to investigate and manipulate these objects.

Accessing areas not exposed by FileMaker's Inspector palette makes it easy to fully customize many aspects of the various layout objects. A great example of this is being able to control the individual borders on a button object. You can make the top border black, the bottom orange and the sides blue if you wanted to!

Sharing content

Through the use of individual FileMaker files known as ThemePacks, it's possible to share your collections and creations with fellow developers. So, if sharing the Theme Studio via FileMaker Server isn't ideal, then simply export and update ThemePacks which you control.

You can also purchase newer themes and ThemePacks as they become available on the store. This can be accessed within the Shop section of the Theme Studio.

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