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This product is a FileMaker Layout Theme. You can selectively copy elements from the theme and integrate them into your own customized FileMaker Theme.

The Theme includes layout elements which can be copied from within the Theme Studio directly to your own FileMaker solution or by opening the included zip file with the actual FileMaker file including the theme elements.

Clean Freak Lime Layout ThemePack

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Clean Freak Lime Layout ThemePack
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Product Description

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This product is a Theme Studio ThemePack. It should be imported into the Theme Studio solution and includes whole layouts and layout elements which can be integrated into your own FileMaker database solution.

Notice: Theme Packs only provide formatted layout elements. They are not full FileMaker solutions. You must adapt the layout theme to your own solution.

After downloading this product you should import it into a copy of the Theme Studio for immediate use within your own FileMaker solution.

All aspects of the theme can be used within your own FileMaker solution

Importing into the Theme Studio

Make sure you've downloaded a copy of the Theme Studio and then simply drag the .zip file into the Import section of the Theme Studio file.

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