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Focus on FileMaker Development is a 2 week course covering a wide range of FileMaker topics. The course is designed around the core topics related to developing within FileMaker for the purpose of maintainability, performance and usability. The course is intentionally limited to a small group of attendees and each student receives a dedicated 1 hour block of time for one-on-one development with the instructor.

Focus on FileMaker Development Course

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Focus on FileMaker Development Course
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You'll be joining a small group of other attendees in this focused course about FileMaker Development. The online course happens in an interactive format using screen sharing software. Over the course of 2 weeks, students will meet for 2 hours each day and cover many of the designated topics. See more information about what is covered

On one of the 10 days during the course, or within 2 weeks after completion, you will be able to schedule time to work one-on-one with Matt Petrowsky, the course instructor, for a dedicated 1 hour period. Any topics related to FileMaker or other integrated technologies can be covered. Guidance, direction and even development can occur on your own solution as well. This course is both collaborative and individualistic.

When it's happening: April 17th thru April 28th ( excluding weekends )

Daily start time: 11:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Please review this time zone chart to see when the course would occur in your own time zone. Click Change cities and date at the bottom to choose your city

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